basement wall material?? for ruff housin

kcinkc71June 23, 2008

Thanks for all on here. I have the basics down for framing out my basement, insulation, and vapor barrier. my basement is poured concrete. my question is this, has anyone done anything for their walls besides sheetrock? I have boys and want this to be a semi finished place for them to be a little rough, they are boys. remembering my child hood, we were hell on sheetrock. Thinking about pre primed 4'x8' bead board panels (from big orange store) what goes behind this thin bead board? OSB, plywood? how thick? leave room for expansion? thanks for the advice.....

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I was the youngest of three boys... that beadboard won't last any longer than drywall.

The only idea I have is half inch OSB. You can paint it, and if at a future date, you decide to "finish" the room, you can do a plaster finish over the top and no one would know it's OSB instead of sheetrock.

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Thanks, I guess that was my question.... I wanted to know what to put behind the 1/4 bead board. so OSB vs plywood? any issues in a basement (that is dry, but still a basement)? I realize that kids can damage anything, but it will take a pretty good lick to get thru 1/2 OSB and 1/4 beadboard

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Plywood is fine too, but more expensive than OSB. And both products handle some moisture well, but you still want to follow the advice of others on moisture barriers when you finish the basement.

Are you leaving a bare floor or covering it?

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My wife wanted paneling on the walls when I finished the basement at my old house, so I put up drywall (1/4" or 3/8" don't remember) and then placed the paneling on top of that. It turned out nice and held up well for the 10+ years we were there.

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thanks, not sure about the floor. I recall playing some sort of rollerball/deathball game as a kid, so unfinished would be better, but a rug or carpet would be better for knee football (and warmer) on the floor, like to do legato, but seems a little expensive. still trying to figure out how to rig a perspex screen in front of the flat panel to keep flying objects from smashing the screen

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