identifying painting

david70April 23, 2011

purchased this painting a week ago the artist only signed one name trying to find out who the artist could be and rather the painting has any value..

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Is it oil or water color?...or a print? Is it under glass....can you possibly get a better picture of the detail up close?
Where did you get it and what did you pay?
You can browse the site linked below and see what you find....
But please bea ware that lots of people had paints and brushes and many were passably good at it but not listed in any list of artists.
Good luck!
Linda C

Here is a link that might be useful: art net

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It's an oil painting it's not under glass i bought it at a yard sale for $15 it has some numbers written on the back of the picture looks as thought it had been in an action before

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My first thought is that it's sort of a "French impressionist-esque" snow scene....but then I wondered if what I took to be artful snow was simply worn away paint?
Would love to see a close up taken with a better camera.

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I will get a better picture but yes it is snow not worn away paint

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Very impressionistic.

The central object in the distance could be the Eiffel Tower rendered to suggest a religious object. There is a railroad track on the left with a receeding train; On the right is an indication of an automobile road; And then people walking toward the central object. At extreme right and left are indications of a forest or maybe the bounds of these objects. These objects appear out of place as in a dreamscape. I can not decipher the message the artist may be trying to make, and then again, it may be nothing more than musings in paint and an exercise - maybe a student's assignment.

The frame is very plain and not noteworthy.

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I don't think it's a "dream scape" at all....I think the artist was simply trying to convey the whipping wind and cold of a snow squall in the city....notice the man hunched against the wind and the woman's skirt blowing.
I see no forest....I see tall buildings in a city...

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