Home Depot travertine tile--quality??

nikwatersJune 25, 2006

Hi, we recently purchased travertine tile on the advice of a flooring "expert" at Home Depot. It will be used in a basement family room area--sounds low-traffic but it is not; the outer portion also doubles as our bike-room, mud-room, and garden shed. We had concerns over the durability of this stone (and were originally planning to use porcelain tile) but were talked into the travertine--we love the look of the stone and were told it would be just as durable and stain-resistant as the porcelain. However, while looking up the advisability of sealing the stone (we were told to do so) I found info in this forum and on other sites that indicated that travertine may not be the best choice for an area that is high-traffic and frequently wet and muddy--also that Turkish stone is usually low quality. I called Home Depot for more information and they were unable to tell me much about the stone. They do think it's Turkish and that it may be filled with grout, but they couldn't give definite info. So, my questions: 1) if it is Turkish and filled with grout, are our muddy feet and bikes and garden tools (and possible basement leaks) going to make the filler in this stone degrade and the stone stain? and 2) has anyone out there had experience with the Home Depot product ("Natural Travertine Tile 18"x18") and know the quality and durability (or lack thereof)? I need to find out ASAP if I need to return this product and use porcelain instead! Any recommendations on inexpensive but durable porcelain tile available in VT/NH would also be appreciated...

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I was talking to a tiler in HD and he actually told me to not purchase the stone at HD as the quality they buy is not what stone yards would buy. Now, I don't know this guy from a hole in the wall and if what he's saying is accurate or not...

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There is a Travertino Porcilian tile that looks like the natural stone that my be more suited for that use but HD uses the same SKU 858-571 for all Travitino tile and there are a numerous amount of shades. If you go this way make sure that you verify that you have enough of the same shade to complete your project. In general; Their tile folk don't seem to know a lot about the subject.

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See previous thread, here. My choice would be a stone-look porcelain.

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