need recommendation for a dehumidifier

jasper_60103June 4, 2006

I finished my basement last winter.

Have been running the A/C for the past week as the temp

reached the 80s here in minnesota.

Unfortionately, this makes my basement cold, but

I need the dehumidification.

I noticed the basement's relative humidity is around 55%.

I'm concerned it may continue to rise

as summer approaches.

Can someone recommend a dehumidifier?



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I found a similar thread.
I didn't contain much info on recommendations though.

Here is a link that might be useful: Basement Humidifier

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I have had a Whirlpool dehumidifier for the last 3 weeks. It is one of the newer designs that allows the drainage hose to be attached directly instead of near the bottom of the water bucket--never any bucket cleanup with this design. Also, they now have an electrostatic filter so that the coils don't get all gunked up--cleaning the filter is your only chore. It is fairly loud but nothing too out of the ordinary.

BTW, I thought 55% humidity is well within normal limits?

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subywu, thanks for the info.

Yeah, 55% humidy is in the normal range. I'm mostly concerned with
having to keep the A/C on to maintain it though.
Would like to turn the A/C off when outdoor temps
are pleasent, or gone on vacation.
Guess I could close the air vents and monitor the humidity before making a buying decision.

thanks again,

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I Have a Kenmore dehumidifier. It is actually about 10 years old. It dehumidifies our 840 sq ft. unfinished basement. I actually keep the basement vents closed when I am running the AC because the basement will get freezing cold. The dehumidifier is enough to get rid of the humidity.

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yeah, my basement does get cold with A/C running,
which is another reason for wanting a dehumidifier.
If I could close my basement vents completely, I think
it would be comfortable again.

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I'm wondering about those humidifiers than drains directly into the sump pump. For us, that would mean it would be back in a storage area behind a closed door.

Are others' sump pumps nearer to their living/seating areas?

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I have a Santa Fe -- it makes a big difference over the smaller one I had previously. It has a 6 foot hose attached - which you can extend longer one.

I bought it at:

(BTW - they matched the best price I found online w/o any questions.)

No affliation - Also they private label this under different names - and sell through Basement waterproofing companies for much much more. One of those companies tried to sell it to me and I did some research.

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I bought a danby dehumdifier. Had it for about 3 weeks now. It does a great job of removing the moisture, but it does require daily emptying.

Mine is located in the living space/seating area (not conveniently located near a sump or drain).
Don't think it would be too effective closed off in a storage area. You could try a longer hose as jmcst2 suggested.

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Thank you! We wound up getting a Kenmore (Sears) humdifier. It seems to be working quite well. It looks like we'll be emptying it about once/day. We may check into a hose connection later, but it would have to be small enough in diameter to fit under a door. Not too likely to work. I think most empty through garden hoses. At least we are sucking that moisture out for now (which is crucial while we are painting).

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Buy a modern (brand new)dehumidifier that has the "Energy Star" certifiication.

The new Energy Star certified ones will definitely save you money in the long run. These also have the benefit that their evaporator coils will not ice up in the spring when the basement air temp is cooler.

All basements should have a dehumidifer. A basement without one will eventually result in mold growing on the walls (at least here in Ohio).

All of them have a provision for connecting a hose so you don't have to continuously empty the drain pan. Remember, that if you don't connect a hose and use the drain pan instead, the humidifer will shut off when the pan gets full.

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Try Ebac Dehumidifiers - Ebac Dehumidifiers

Here is a link that might be useful: Ebac Dehumidifiers

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