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charley526April 18, 2011

My grandmother recently passed and left me many items, one of which is this framed art. I think it's a giclee? I don't believe that it has much value, but I would love to have any information about it for personal/sentimental reasons. The signature is illegible.

Thank you in advance for any information you may have!


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Sorry I can't tell what kind of print it is.....giclee is just a print made with an ink jet printer.
I don't recogneze the image...looks like the sentimental sort of pictures made in the 1930's.
Could it be original art?....what does the back look like?
How about a close up?
Linda C

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Thank you lindac. Here's a close-up of the signature. In the glare, you can see that there is some type of glazing over it. The frame has a brown paper backing that I don't want to remove so I can't see the back. I don't think she purchased it that long ago--12 years tops. It may have been a gift, no one in the family seems to know where she got it. But I would really like to know who the artist is.

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Is there a name on the back? framer's sticker? how is the brown paper attached? Glued or with tape? Does it cover the whole back of the frame or just the picture?
I can't read the signature either, but the picture looks like it's one printed on canvas like paper with a glaze over simulating brush strokes. I don't see any glass so that's likely what it is....if it were a giclee or a chromo litho or litho or even a photographic repro, it would be covered with glass.
Linda C

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Thanks Linda. Yes, I didn't know if there was a particular term for that--the clear glaze that simulates brushstrokes. The paper backing covers the entire frame & is glued on.
Do you have any tips on how I might figure out who the artist is?

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lindac's not one of the great masters.......don't think it's even a secondary master.....there were lots and lots of people painting pictures to make prints of most of then not at all notable.
I don't think that mark is a signature.....

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That's what I figured. Thanks again.

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