wet basement grading problem- who do you call?

kammomJune 24, 2009

I have an underground concrete wall in my basement that is that has a damp spot on it that seems to be getting progressively damper (with white effervescence) and lower on the wall. On the outside of the foundation at this point the grading has washed away and I can see where the water has pooled in the past from the overflow of the gutters. What type of company can I call that will deal with the grading around the foundation and also help me determine the cause of the problem? It is complicated because there is a concrete patio and a deck on the ground several feet out from the house that may make it difficult to regrade it properly. I am reluctant to call a waterproofing company because I don't want to just deal with an expensive drain system on the inside when I think the problem is on the outside.

Any advice is appreciated.

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Sounds like overflow from clogged gutters is causing the erosion. Might try a landscaper or laborer that can also clear your gutters.

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