Is this a fair price?

2ajsmamaApril 10, 2010

I have no idea, but I have a very similar rocker that had been painted and not totally stripped, so I was thinking of painting it again. The finish on the CL isn't in great shape either, just wondering if this was a good price or if they were asking way too much, and whether mine might be worth more, or less, if I paint it.

Have to laugh about rare - obviously the owner has only seen pressed cane and not woven cane!

Here is a link that might be useful: Caned

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I wouldn't do the caning on that chair for $100!! Definitly a good price!
And yes yours will be worth considerably less if you paint it. If you are thinking of painting a similar rocker what will you do about the cane? Paint it too?
I think some few years in the future people will look at painted stuff and remember that for about 10 years there were hoards of people who painted their furniture. And will know that any piece that has been painted in a "Shabby chic" white or pastel was pre 2000 because that's when the craze started.
Linda C

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Thanks Linda. I've been hanging onto this for years intending to strip it more throughly (I don't know if my mom stripped it or bought it that way or frankly if *I* even bought it that way - don't remember where it came from). I have to run but maybe I'll post pics later and see what you think. The cane is pretty much intact, I could repair it.

I was thinking a small brush and a "shabby" treatment that wouldn't have to get every inch covered might be best. But if you think it's worth more as-is, I'll try to sell it that way. To refinish it correctly I'd have to remove the caning and then redo it, and I don't think it's worth the time.

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