SaniTred, anyone used it?

thatgirl2478June 14, 2006

Looks like it would be a good product to fix a multitude of basment issues, but I'm wondering if anyone has experience with it.

Here is a link that might be useful: sanitred

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No experience, but one question for the experts: By putting a product like this on the interior of a basement, sure it may keep the interior of the basement dry, but if water is wicking into the walls from outside, and you eliminate any way for that moisture to evaporate, wouldn't that cause problems within the concrete? Wouldn't it make more sense to keep water from wicking into the concrete by sealing the basement from the outside? Somehow their arguments strike a b.s. nerve with me. I'm sure the product does what it's supposed to, I'm just questioning the method of application...

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well several is actually better than most of the systems out there like interior french drains, the "baseboard" drainage, and poor coatings like DryLoc...the systems that let water into the interior and then evacuate it via a sump pump acually INCREASE the flow of water through the blocks and thus increases mineral leaching from the foundation block lessening the integrity and strength of the cement. Coating the outside is logically the best solution to prevent any water from entering the interior of the foundation wall (if hollow concrete block)....but this method does NOT seal the cold joint between the foundation footer and basement floor which is under the outside wall....thous you would have to dig BELOW the foundation and undercut it to get up under there and seal it....if you don't any water that is repelled by an outside coating will sink further in the earth and is fast enough can actually "back up" through this cold joint and you notice it as ater leaking in between the wall and floor on the inside of the basment....the SANITRED claim is that thier method is the ONLY way to unsure you stop any and ALL water whether it be
1)water entering through holes, cracks in the exterior hollow block wall and filling the cavities and then coming in through the floor wall junction
2) water coming in through exterior cracks that go all the way through the wall and allow direct acess for the water
3) and any water that may push up through the cold joint between the floor and foundation footing
4) lastly any water that may come up through cracks in the floor do to high water tables, poor draining soil

SANITRED uses the "reverse swimming pool" forms a uniform uninterrupted envelope of polymer covering every inch of the basement (walls and floor)...this despite what some claim will not increase lateral pressure to a dangerous level and cause walls to fail because the water which normally trickes into the basement will slowly be absorbed away from the foundation by the surrounding soil..if you have water gushing into your basement then thats a different story....I'd advise not using it..but this stuff has been used in industry for large water holding tanks, water damns, tunnels, sewers, etc.......this is a great system and I know of two friends who have used it sucessfully in two demanding situations. They are going on 5yrs and 12yrs with theirs and the foundation is structurally sound....I am going to begin prepping my basement (which has minor leak at cold joint and a small crack in another section)for application to stop the minor water leaks and reduce the radon emission....I am a chemist and am very skeptical about things and I've researched this problem and this product to death and feel it is worthy of my take it or leave it as my opinion

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