Limestone foundations

traumensieJune 13, 2006

Hi there,

We have a 1920's home that has a limestone foundation. Some time ago someone put some kind of whitewash substance over the limestone, and it's now flaking off in most places. With it, the old mortar (not sure if it's mortar or just dirt) is also coming out here and there. If I scrape off the white wash stuff where it's coming off badly, what can I use to recover it so that I can paint it? Is it possible to apply something that will give me a smoother surface? Currently, the walls look like stone.

Also, how expensive is it to have a basement floor lowered? The total area is approx. 700 sq. feet. The front half of the basement barely has adequate headroom, the back part is just over 5 ft in most places.

Thank you!

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