Salesman table??

BwunnyApril 21, 2011

Hi everyone;

I found a really cute table at a shop last weekend. It is a pedestal drop leave table and is 9" tall and 10" wide. It looks really well made and has dovetails on the side.

Is there a way I can post pictures on here? Thanks


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Go to a photo sharing site like photobucket or tinypics and follow the directions.
Linda C

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A finished table of that size could have been a salesman's sample or doll house furniture or child's play furniture. It would have been a sizeable doll house, though.

Look on the underside. Are there any markings?

It could have been used in a furniture store for display. It with several other pieces would have been used to construct a model room to show how these pieces might appear in a full sized room.

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I am going to try to post a picture. I do have photobucket but I do not use it much.

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I can't seem to post the photo that I took so you can see what it looks like under the table.

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