Drapes - need opinion

mdv1976October 26, 2012

Hi. I recently moved into an apartment and tried everything I could do to remove attention from the stark white walls. Should I have 2 panels for each window or are the singles fine? Thanks!

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If you keep them stacked back like that and not try to close them, they look fine as is.

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You have done a great job decorating your living room. I would
either line the drapes or add more panels and stack back so they aren't transparent. I suggest that the bottom of the lowest picture in your grouping be brought down to six inches above your couch so that the couch and art grouping are seen as one focal point.

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the singles are fine - but you could go a lot denser with the drapes if you're looking to add color to the room...

you can use sheers to color the light as it enters the room - soft pinks browns or golds can warm cold light, blues, greens and greys can cool direct sunlight

or you can use solid panels to add 'art' elements to that wall - and I like the way when you push them to the left on the first window, and to the right on the second, you create the illusion of it being a bigger window space...

there's also a lot of potential for storage under the windows - whether low chests, open cubes stacked with books, or padded benches with baskets underneath, to use as a window seat.

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I think it looks very nice, and I wouldn't want to limit the light coming in by darkening the windows more. It does not look stark at all, very cozy and comfortable!

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