top level unit or middle unit better?

jgordonOctober 7, 2006

Hello, I am moving to my second apartment, and there is a top level unit(5th floor) available as well as a third floor unit. I currently live in a two story apartment building and live on the top floor. I have never had the experience of people walking above me, and I am weary of this due to some of the stories I have heard of. Which is the better choice, a top level unit or a middle level unit? (The complex has dual elevators in each building)Thanks for any suggestions

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As someone who currently has "Stompy" and "Thumper" living over my head, go for the top floor unit, especially since the building has elevators!

I'm moving to a townhouse next month specifically because I don't want people living over my head anymore.

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I'd go for the top since there's an elevator. When I was young I lived in an apartment with hardwood floors. It was hard to sleep in on Saturday morning when the two-year old above us like to wear his mama's high heels in the bedroom above us. (Especially after we'd partied the night before!)

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Once i didn't go for the top level and i regretted it for the entire term of the lease. Top level all the way.

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