Warning! Virus on Photobucket (banner?)

2ajsmamaApril 18, 2009

I was just trying to insert one of my pictures from Photobucket when my browser (Firefox) shut down and a window that looked like an application window popped up saying I was infected and needed to perform a scan. This looked suspicious so I asked DH what AV software he installed on laptop. This was not a real application window - cleverly disguised link that would have loaded an executable if I had clicked on it! Beware if this happens to you (looks like AV Doctor)! DO NOT CLICK ON THE BUTTON IN THIS WINDOW!

I did go back to Photobucket and was able to view and insert my pics without this happening again, so most likely it was in a banner ad that ran at that particular time.

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It's not a virus....it's just a way of getting you to install a big time tracking cookie on your computer.
Linda C

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It's malware disguised as an application window, which, if you click OK, will load an executable on your computer. I didn't look to see what the executable might be, but assume it's nothing good. I used the word "Virus" to get people's attention since most people think of all bad things that get loaded onto their computers as viruses, whether they're really Trojan Horses, sniffers, or some other kind of malware. Just didn't want to get too technical ;-)

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Most things that pop up in that type of environment are going to be harmful. If you are using Firefox I would suggest installing Adblock Plus (link below). It allows you to stop the downloading of ads on sites you are on. Those ads take a long time to display quite often, and this lets you disable them. The site below is a legit Firefox extension site (note the https).

Hope this helps better your internet usage. :)

Here is a link that might be useful: ADblock Plus 1.0.2 Add-on

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