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scottysJune 29, 2010

I'm getting ready to paint the basement floor this weekend and I am totally confused as to the proper paint to use. To begin with the floor has been previously painted (looks like just 1 coat). There was a few small areas where white powdery stuff had poked through the peeling paint, so I scaped all peeling paint and washed the entire floor with TSP. Visits to 2 different paint stores yielded the following advice: (paint store #1): use an oil based epoxy primer and paint, (paint store #2)use an oil primer/latex floor paint combo.

Sherwin Williams store: latex based acrylic primer and latex acrylic floor paint.

Emptying the basement to paint was a huge task and I want to do this right the first time and i want it to last.

Any thoughts would be very welcomed. Thanks.

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I used Glidden Porch and floor paint.
Available in premixed colors as well as custom colors.
I talked with Glidden Tech before making my choice, could have used either their oil or latex, I chose the porch and floor satin latex. So far the results have been very pleasing!

The key is Prep, you want both clean and dry.
If you get moisture coming up through the floor, it needs addressed first.

My floor was not pre painted, it was very dirty years of dust and dirt. I took a broom and soapy water scrubbed it up, then pressure washed my floor well.

Next I dried it all back out well, ran both dehumidifiers and fans for a week so I knew it was all bone dry.

I did a final clean sweeping the whole basement then going over everything with a shop vac.
Finally I was able to break out the paint and get to work.
In my case I did the walls with Behr's version of dry lok
then I did my floors in a metal gray, two coats and let it dry well between coats, further I gave a longer drying time before I started to bring stuff into the basement (actually just starting to bring things in)

The difference in appearance is amazing!
Now I think I love my basement!I may have gone a little crazy with my cleaning and my drying times BUT I really wanted to do a nice job and further I wanted the job to stick, not lift or bubble.

As this just got done it is still a bit soon to judge But I think it did well!

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Tes: thanks for your reply. Went to Sherwin Williams today and they highly recommended Amourseal tredplex paint. At $74 a gallon, they had better be right! They recommended against oil based paint because it does not allow any dampness to come through...they claim latex is more "breathable".
Well got my work cut out for me this weeknd.

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Congratulations, and best of luck with the project!
I shopped a little bit of everywhere trying to decide.....I found many posts that had people using the Glidden on home made wooden boats, I got thinking about the use a boat takes, then I decided to call Glidden and talk to their tech.

The were fully supportive of their porch and floor being a good choice, and they said it was a toss up running the oil, or the latex. Pros and cons both ways but either they said was a good choice.(Chose latex for low odor and easy clean up to be truthful)

I am certain your paint will work out, just remember nice and clean before you start to paint! Huge price difference, the Glidden was 24.00 if I recall correctly. Hope all goes smooth for you with it!

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Blue Max!! and then topcoat it call ames research this stuff really works!!

Here is a link that might be useful: ames paint

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I painted my garage floor in '04 with Glidden Porch and Floor latex satin, (light gray). It has held up extremely well. In '06 I decided to have a gallon of it tinted dark olive green to paint an aluminum duck hunting boat. It still looks great. Now I use this product to paint nearly everything.

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