basement floor over exisitng tiles?

kevingalaxyJune 24, 2009

Hi, i hope someone can give me some ideas! I have an open basement with (i think) 40 year old hard tiles on the floor, now some are cracked and some are coming off, but most of it is in good condition.

My question is we would like to create a playroom for our baby, and need something soft like carpet tiles - we dont want to rip up the existing tiles as someone said they might have asbestos ?! So can we just put carpet tiles on top of these tiles or should we put down a membrane down (like dricor) on top of the existing tiles then the carpet tiles?

We dont have a water problem except the odd leaking appliance which can flood into this area?

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Here's info on how to determine if your tiles contain asbestos.

Leaving the old tiles on may "telegraph" through the new tiles.

If you don't want to remove the old tiles--it can be done with care by the homeowner--you have three choices of subfloor for new carpeting: Delta FL membrane, or equivalent; Dri-Core, or equivalent; XPS and plywood/OSB.

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