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stmoore1January 29, 2014

I was wondering if anyone could tell me the difference between the GE Profile Gas Range PGB930SETSS (~$2000) and the unbranded low end GE range JGB750SEFSS (~$1200)?

As far as I can tell there is just a slight difference in the highest burner's output and the profile might include a meat probe option, but that's about it. It doesn't seem like an $800 difference.

I'm also looking at the dual oven version of the Profile stove, PGB995SETSS, which is on the GE outlet site for just $1250 (normally >$2000). Anyone have experience with the stove or dealing with the outlet?


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The more expensive one has a couple of other features that are more dollars.

Their finishes are different with more stainless on the more expensive unit. The less costly one has the newer look - bye bye cat's eye and more parts are painted.

The bottom drawer is actually a small oven on the profile, so the total oven capacity is .8 cuft larger. There's an extra knob on the front that controls it. They are kinda silent in the specs as to what the little oven can do.

Otherwise, the ovens are exactly the same in terms of power. You can steam clean or regular clean the regular ge but not the profile. You don't have the warm button on the profile for the main oven. I used that a lot. The profile does have probe cook, but you knew that already. I'm afraid they turned the bottom drawer into a warming oven.

That storage drawer has always ended up full of dirt and crumbs, so I'm not sure an oven down there is worth anything to me.

Last but not least, the burners. The profile has a triple ring burner for the power burner. This lets you have much more even heat across the bottom of a large pan. Surprisingly, you should be able to use smaller pans on the profile power burner because the flame diameter is smaller.

On the plain GE, they have what seems to be the old 17k power boil design. It's the most annoying burner I ever used - requiring pots about 13" or more in diameter for most things. Like it would work with a canner or a pot to fry turkeys, but IT WAS UNABLE to bring a couple of pints of water to boil in a 13" aluminum fry pan in over 10 minutes. It's because the diameter of the flames was so freakin' big that when I turned it down enough to fit the pan, the center of the pan stayed cold with no flame.

Also, that particular profile has been discontinued and should cost less than what you stated. The new profile is PGB920SEFSS (without the warming drawer) and msrp is $1800, but online and big box stores routinely have it for $1700. The oven, styling and everything is just about the same but it also has the triple tier burner.

They have some GE models with a 15k power burner which I think would be somewhat more useful they 17k burner.


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