superior walls?

expinstallerJune 13, 2009

not having all the info you need is the problem .i think if you are going to use superior walls or any type of concrete foundation you need to have a person that is not affiliated with the company doing the install to ensure it is done properly .the most common problems with Superior walls is a improper install or not following proper guidlines.this usuallt falls to the contractor but if he dont know then how will he know it wrong. lot of peeps dont like the sealing process but if done properly it is fail safe .companys trying to save money might scimp on proper applying procedures wich allow leaks .HIRE SOMEONE WHO KNOWS DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY BY NOT KNOWING!!!!

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I did not even know there was an option. They only quoted me with their installers. Glad I saw your post. We are still in the construction stage. Masonry work is complete, sheetrock is hung. I was down in my basement (by superior walls) and there is water puddled in one of the corners and the entire perimeter is damp. We just had some heavy rains last night. The water seems to be coming up from underneath between the wall and slab. None of the sheet rock is damp. It sits up about 1/2: off the floor. We have 12" of stone under the entire slab and perimeter. We also have the required perimeter drains and two running down the center. The gutters are not yet on the house, I know when I get the water away from the house it will help. I am just fearing a life long battle with water infiltration. Any suggestions? I have not called them yet, I will today.

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Sounds as if the water inflow rate was greater than the drainage system could handle. For mine for the gutters, I installed 4" smooth PVC in the trench just above the French drain and used risers to the downspout locations. No extra digging! Grading and gutters and we have no water in our Superior Walls basement. I also continued the gravel base out for 8' beyond the walls on the daylight side of the basement so the underfloor gravel could drain there if necessary.

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I was interested to see this post as well. We live in Virginia where we have had several weeks of on again/off again rain. The ground is saturated and last week we had 3 inches of very heavy rain overnight. While we have not had any standing water in our basement, and the ac has not been hooked up yet so lots of doors are open, we noticed that around all of the walls the concrete is damp. It does seem to be coming from underneath the foundation. Ours was installed by an experienced installer, with the Superior Wall rep on site.
We're hoping that final grade, more drain tile and gutters will solve the problem. . . more to come if it doesn't

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