support poles in your design

kathyanddaveJune 18, 2007

My support poles are totally in the wrong spot, and moving them isn't an option, so how did you work your support poles into your design so that they blend in? Any pictures would be appreciated so much. TIA

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Noone else with this problem?

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Sorry, don't have any digital photos, but in a home we once owned, the poles were right where the bar was placed. The bar was built around them. The portion of the post above the bartop was wrapped in hammered copper.

Saw something on one of the TV home improvement shows where a cabinet was positioned around the post. One side was made into a bookcase, the other held a flat-screen TV against the post and components next to it with a door access behind (beside the bookcase) to make connections.

I've seen them built into walls, squared out with lumber or tables built around them. A split column can be used to cover one. There is also an oak wrap to surround a post sold at home centers.

In our basement, the post is near the bar. We painted it like a dancers pole. Great conversation but the ceiling is too low for it to function.

Hope these will help you resolve the delima in your basement.

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I removed one of my poles and I think it was well wourth it. I reinforced the I beam using 2 pieces of steel channel and bolted it to the I beam so I didnt have to worry about the upstairs floor sagging. My other pole I boxed in using some 3/4 pine. my other poles I just mad sure that when I built the walls that the poles were inside of them.

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Hi. We had 2 poles to contend with, but they weren't in a bad location. We worked around them by incorporating them into a partition wall with 2 sets of pocket doors. The placement of the pocket doors was determined, in part, but the poles. We had to make sure there was enough room for the doors to "hide" without bumping the poles. Here are some pictures of early on in the construction process and after.

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Wrap them with sisal and make giant cat climbing trees out of 'em?
That's my plan...

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We just removed our wall exposing the support poles. We painted them satin black (oil based paint), and will be leaving the duct work exposed/decorating modern. Obviously we're not done yet, but can post a pic of finished room in a few weeks.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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I've also seen the columns stripped of paint, brushed till they shine and sealed in a clear finish.

btw, any removal of columns and attempts to strengthen beams should only be done after calculations by a structural engineer or other qualified person. Mike Holmes featured a home where a column was removed and the beam "reinforced" with rebar (!) In a few months, the sag was 3/4".

Because something doesn't fall down immediately doesn't mean it's "working."

I see electrical "fixes" like that all the time. The owner/"renovator" figures there's been no fire so all is copasetic.

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I am covering four of them with split architectural columns.

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When we first finished our basement, our kids were little. We got creative. We made a little raised stage between two of the poles and a backstage dressing room, next to and behind one of the others. We put a crafts etc. table around an other one. We are redoing it a little now, the kids are in college. I'm just closing off the space as storage space with a curtiain now. When we get grandchildren, The stage will still be there. I remember a thread about this a while back. I would search the archives.

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