Ideas on remodeling basement wall

rollcatJune 26, 2008

Our basement as you come into the house is a long hallway. The house was built back in 1969 or so. It used to have a dark paneling on the top and red carpet on the bottom part with a black chair rail between them.

My husband primmed the dark paneling then painted it a light green. We painted the doors a white color & the trim white. The floor is a dark colors of black & red. The heat registers he painted white. We are trying to decide on what would look good on the bottom part. The thought was for putting up a white wainscot with white chair rail between the light green & the white wainscot. But do you think that it would be too much white?

The other thought is putting up some pine board & painting it a darker green color than the top with a white chair rail between them.

Or putting a wood color like oak or something on the bottom.

What do you think would look the best? any ideas?

Thank You

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I'm having difficulty grasping your space. Is it one large room or are you describing the "hallway" leading to all the rooms?

Anyway, it seems like it would be dark unless you have windows. And the white/dark colors you describe might offer too much contrast.

Personally, I believe a basement is defined by its lighting. Plenty of lights which can be dimmed to create a mood for the moment. Some like their colors neutral to make the basement part of the overall home. In ours, we used several colors to create individual areas in what could best be described as a great room. Photos are linked from "My Page" which may better describe and provide some ideas for your use. Good luck.

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Thanks for the reply.
It is a long hallway that leads into the other rooms down there or leads to stairs going to the upper area. There are no windows in that area. The only light coming into the area comes from the back door as you come into the basement.

Thanks for any ideas!

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