Drywall vs. basement finishing systems

gnaphilJune 5, 2007

We are looking to finish our basement. It is approx. 1600 sq. feet. We are considering two options - basic drywall or the quick, easy route of the basement finishing systems offered by Owens Corning. Does anyone know how comparable the prices are for these finishes? What are the pros and cons of both? Any info or insight would be helpful! Thanks!

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There was a post on this forum some time ago with comments about the Owens Corning system. Scan down and you should find it.

I believe it is expensive but don't have any comparisons with a professionally installed drywall system. Ours is DIY and drywall because that is the look we wanted. Personally, I think the Owens Corning product looks too much like an office but it does offer the ability to easily open a section and examine what is behind. The look you want and any need to accessibility should determine your style. Photos of ours are linked from "My Page".

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