How to clean exterior windows??

gworlandOctober 1, 2003

My landlord "doesn't do windows." I live in the 4th floor of an older apt. building with large paned windows and screens on the outside. There's about a 2-inch space between the screen and window. Short of hanging out the window, how the heck can I clean my exterior panes? It's driving me crazy. Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

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well- it sounds like your alternatives are to get everyone on that side together, and split the cost of a window washer, hang out the window with one of those sponge/squeegees that they use for cars- or leave it alone.

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some stores sell extreme spray nozzels for a hose. Maybe you can hook up a hose and blast the heck outta the window from below. OR Pay a kid to break your window so the landlord puts in a clean one....every 6 months...BHAM!....that hood kid....

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