Gap between driveway and foundation wall

huskymaniacnyJune 15, 2006

I want to "seal" this gap to prevent water from draining into the ground right next to the foundation wall. I have tried driveway gap sealer and blackjack caulk and both cracked over time.

Now I am thinking about aluminum flashing. I plan to paint it black and seal one edge to the driveway with blackjack caulk (elastomeric). I will let the opposite edge just sit up against the foundation wall. As the driveway heaves, the aluminum flashing should just slide up and down the wall. Picture the flashing being bent into quarter cylinder shape with one side being caulked to the driveway. This should catch any rain dripping off the siding of the house and should block any water that puddles on the low spots of the driveway from emptying into that gap. One challenging issue is that I have an inside corner to deal with. The front of my garage sits back about 10 feet from the front of the house so there is an inside corner where the front of the garage meets the side of the house.

Any other suggestions?

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Loretta NJ Z6

What about creating a cove with a cricket at the inside corner out of asphalt instead?

I see a few problems with your flashing design that maybe you just didn't elaborate on. First, you are still going to have to deal with failing caulk, so that problem didn't go away. The caulk cracks, the water still goes through. So you are not saving yourself that work. Additionaly, you will have sharp metal edges exposed. Secondly, you are just going to leave the top of the flashing open? Water that does get in now will get trapped for sure. You would need to attach a cap flashing, fastened to the wall and sealed with caulk that overlaps the top of your coved base flashing by a few inches.
Then the inside corner presents another problem. How are you going to bend the flashing here and have it sealed? Unless you can find something prefab, you might make one piece turn into more of a bend than a curve as it reaches the corner, create a top and bottom tab at one end. The bottom tab bends upward against the perpendicular wall, the top tab wraps the corner. Then a new flashing on the garage wall butts into the corner and continues on. The cap flashing simply bends the corner.

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