Spray beams before closing ceiling in basement?

mystikyJune 13, 2013

We are in the process of doing our basement (brick builiding from 1930). We demo'ed everything and now all of our new frames have been setup.

My question is this. Since the house right next to us did have some termites at some point a few years ago (after their basement got flooded), should I go and hire someone to spray my ceiling beams before we close everything up with sheetrock? 90% of the new framing is metal, with 10% wood. Should I spray the wooden ones too?

If yes, what kind of potion should I make sure that the service I hire is using.

All input is appreciated.

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What type of termites/

Dry wood or wet wood?

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No termicide are toxic by nature and should not be used where could be contacted by you or other.

Unless you have formosian termites ( sometimes called dry wood termites ) who derive moisture from the celluse they consume. The colony will be below ground and would leave a mud tunnel from the ground up the foundation to the wood joist. If active infestation is found usually a bait is placed in the yard around the home or a shallow trench is dug around the foundation and the termicide is applied. As a proactive measure you can do this yourself. We treat all our foundations and slabs here in the South as a matter of course.

Good Luck


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