Where are all the awesome beer fridges?

pumpkinhouseJanuary 6, 2014

With craft beer becoming so popular these days, I'm surprised I can't find more options for undercounter fridges made specifically for beer. My criteria would be:
-dual zone, colder for lagers, warmer for ales
-no glass doors to let in light
-two shelves so all bottles can be stood up
-locking, since all wine coolers seem to lock

I did find one made by U-line that has everything but the lock. There are so many wine coolers on the market, I'm just surprised the specialty beer fridge market isn't bigger.

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Why not use an adjustable temperature wine fridge?

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The wine bottles are laid on their side. Ideally, beer bottles are stored standing up.

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Well, just my view, but wine fridges are made to store wine over a long period. Typically only red wines are stored. Beer, on the other hand, is meant to be imbibed relatively soon.

I live in San Diego, pretty much the craft brew capital of the world right now. I have enough beer on hand to last me about two weeks, from IPAs to lagers. They live in their cases in the garage, and I put in my regular fridge an assortment to drink.

Just an aside, but I see many brewers are finally switching to cans.

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Actually, there are beers that get better with age, even a few years. A trend now is to age high alcohol content beers like stouts in bourbon barrels before being bottled, and can be stored even longer at home. IMO they don't taste the great when they are young, too sharp and the alcohol taste is too strong. But they age like good wines.
But I do get your point, that beer in a beer fridge in my kitchen won't stick around for years. That's what a cellar is for.

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