Dressing table with funny drawer

Linda_LensApril 14, 2014

Can somebody tell me why the drawer of this dressing table is shaped like this?
The drawer seems to be covered (originally) with cloth!
Is the drawer original, were these legs original?

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Maybe it is not a dressing table but a sewing machine table.

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Exactly what I was thinking, sewing machine table. The top should lift open to the side. A portable electric sewing machine would be installed in it. Different then a treadle machine table


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It is a sewing or work table, but for handwork, not for a sewing machine. The project would have been stored in the odd lower drawer, with tools and supplies in the upper compartment. Are there still traces of the fabric covering the "pouch"?

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Thanks for your comments.
The table could be a sewing table for handwork, but than I don't understand the function of the mirror (because of the mirror I thought it was a dressing table).
A strange thing is that in every corner of the bottom of the drawer there is a hole.
I'm sorry that there is no fabric left on the pouch. But you can see from the traces that it had been covered with something.

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This is a 1880's - 1900's ladies work table for doing sewing or embroidery projects. Their small sewing projects with all the sewing supplies in the small compartments. The mirror would help reflect light in the dimly lit parlor which would have possibly gas light or if they were trendy, new electric light.
Looks like it could be cleaned up & polished nicely. A couple of losses of veneer, not a big issue, nor is the fact that the silk lining is missing, most of the time it's shredded anyway. mfrog

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Now I know all this,
I still have my thoughts about the combination of these table-legs and the style of the table, Would this combination be the original construction?
And I added a picture of the holes, Why are these in the bottom of the drawer?
And after all: At the moment I'm even more curious about where it will have been made?

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They were usually lined with cloth so nothing would snag a delicate project and often covered with fancy cloth. And tassels, and beading.

The holes were for the ties that held the cloth lining down so it stayed pout when you took out your project.

Look up this phrase on Google images:

antique sewing table -machine

You will see quite a variety of them.

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I found google images with "antique sewing work table" gave better images.
Like LG says there would have been a cloth lining, mostly silk which shreds over time & isn't usually replaced. In good condition these used to go for $500+ but they are harder to sell now unless they are real top end ones with original sewing implements & inlays in the cabinets, & mainly rosewood. mfrog

Here is a link that might be useful: antique sewing work table

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