What I just saw in my apartment building

plasticgardenOctober 30, 2007

We have a sectioned off parking space big enough for three cars in my apartment complex. We always park our cars there,and no one else does because it is kinda far from the building to walk.

I was looking out the window,and some guy had pulled into one of the three spaces.(no big deal)

He gets out of his car and starts really checking out my husband's car (particularly the wheels)

Then he proceeds to start dumping his trash into the parking lot right by my husband's car.Not one or two things,but really cleaning out a ton of trash and dumping it there.

So...I open my window and yell to him,"Hey! There is a dumpster right down there,you dont need to throw your trash in the parking lot!"

He looks startled,picks up his trash and puts it back in his car,then speeds away very fast.But not before I could get his plate number.

This seemed very odd to me,as it appeared he didnt live here at all. So what was he doing? Dumping his trash out,or casing out my husband's car to steal the wheels later?

The one good thing about my apartment complex,is that we all DO look out for each other.This summer some teens stole a bike right off my neighbor's porch. Some of us saw it happening and gave their description to the cops.

Any ideas as to what this guy was doing here? Anything like this happen in your apartment complexes?

It makes me so mad people when people litter.With 4 dumpsters here there is just really no excuse.

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How very weird... :/ Sounds like either he was not quite right or he was up to no good. Worth keeping an eye on your cars, tho.

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I will.Thankfully I do have car alarms!

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Not too sure what to make of it, people are usually pretty weird. I'd give the apartment manager the information that you have, and give them a heads up that there's some folks that may be up to no good.

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I dont understand why people in apartment complexes dont lock their bikes to the railing on their patio?It teaches kids responsibility cause they have to keep tabs on a key or remember a combo. Its cheap and simple and the thief sees the chain and lock and moves on....

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A suggestion: take pictures of people like this and make a point of it so they SEE you taking the picture. This is how we got rid of people hanging around our complex. We have a police substation here, but that didn't deter the thefts of bikes, "smash and grabs" (ipods and GPS units stolen out of cars), and trespassing. For some reason, the idea of having their pictures taken scared them away (they all wore the same thing - white t-shirts, which I guess was supposed to make them hard to identify to police). Good luck!

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This thread is almost a year old. Someone accidentally pulled it from a dusty grave. Let's all be kind and return these dead threads to their quiet and peaceful crypts where they will sleep in peace until the end of times.

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