pot smoking neighbors

prettypapillondenuitOctober 12, 2006

Hello all. I have a dilemma, and am not finding much help on the internet, so I thought I might ask here.

Here's the deal: My neighbors smoke pot on their balcony on a regular basis. We have also seen what appears to be them dealing it (i.e. exchanges on bags for money, etc.). They also play their music extremely loud whenever they want, but all calls to the police are useless, because we live by the pool, and they can see the car pull into our gated community.

They have also threatened me for no apparent reason: I looked at them once while walking down the stairs (they were on their balcony) and they called me a "b**ch" and told me to "watch myself"

They are young males renting in a condo complex. I have called the condo association and they won't return my calls.

Any advice on what to do?

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If they've threatened you, use that. Write a registered letter to the condo association and to the person who owns the apartment that's being rented to them.

Tell them what you've seen. Tell them you've been threatened. Tell them they need to deal with this problem and that this letter is their official notice that you have properly notified them of the menace and the illegal actions.

Also, visit your local police precinct in person and ask to speak to the community affairs officer. Tell him/her what you've observed and ask if they can send the narcotics unit to look into it. Cops can investigate people through other means than sending a marked car.

And last but not least, find out who your city councilperson is, and go to their office w/ your info as well; they might be able to light a fire under the cops if your visit doesn't.

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If all the above gets nowhere, report it to the DEA. They can seize the condo owner's unit. Especially since these guys aren't just using, but dealing.

And definitely get the cops to show up in something other than a marked car. Surely they'll be willing to do this if there's a 'drugstore' next door to you.

Good luck, and keep your eyes open when you're outside your apt. Don't leave yourself vulnerable in case they decide to go beyond threats.

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Notify the condo owner that you have seen what appears to be drug dealing ... and tell him that the DEA would be legally able to confiscate his condo if he allows it to continue.

I've been in the owner's position: had ANY of the neighbors let me know that they suspected drugs, I would have called the cops myself!

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I agree with housenewbie, you have to be careful with people like this. Sometimes telling the cops or landlord can backfire unless done anonymously.

When I rented, I called the cops about noisy neighbors and the cops ended up blabbing to the troublemakers about who complained (me). You can imagine how THAT affected my popularity in that building!

Do you have or can you borrow a video camera with a long range lense? There is a program in AZ where people can send anonymous footage to the cops so they can know where to target their enforcement efforts. Maybe a friend can help? If they are in a car that the jerks don't recognize, they won't be paying attention.

You could always schedule a apt. "safety check" with your local police and ask the to come over and show you where your doors or windows need securing. Make sure it is at a time in the evening when you know the jokers will be doing business. Ask them to bring the dog!

Ever wanted to learn a martial art or how to ride a motorcycle?! If I had neighbors like this who were making threats, I'd cultivate some friends who don't take crap from punks like this. Join a club! Invite them over! See if your jerk neighbors have such a big mouth around people who can back up their game.

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