renters input please: washer type!!!

airforceguyOctober 26, 2012

Howdy. Were out of the country and our condo that we rent out requires a new washer. The laundry room is very small! So at the moment we have a front loading washer and the dryer is stacked on it, thus freeing space! Options:

Option #1) Replace it with another Front loading machine, thus can still stack the dryer and keep valuable space (To fix it, is the same $$$ for a new 1)

Option #2: Replace it with a TOP loading washer!! BUT one looses space--as one can't stack the dryer on top of it!!

As a renter would seeing a front loading washer play into your decision to rent or not to rent. Since its such a small laundry room (hot water tank and air ex-changer is in same space as well) Wondering if that extra space would make one decide to rent or not too rent. If the two washers were the identical price, wouldn't be a concern, but since it around $300 difference,(top loading cheaper) I want to spend my $$ wisely!

So should I spend the extra $$$ on the top loader for a bit more space??

Thanks in advance

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The extra space would mainly be used for storage? Is there adequate storage in the rest of the condo?

Frankly, I'd prefer that the washer and dryer be side by side, because then I could use the tops of them to fold clothing on. Unless storage space is really, really limited in the rest of the apartment.

But a laundry room with a hot water heater and the air exchanger is probably *not* the place you want tenants storing a lot of stuff--there's always the risk of fire.

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Very true!! Even with the stackable washer/dryer, one only has room for say a hockey (goalie) bag. Guess one could put up more shelving.

Thank you for replying

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I would prefer a front loader with stacked dryer.

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There you have it, Airforceguy. There's really no one correct answer here--different people are going to have different wants and needs and likes.

How well do you know the rental market in your area? If your unit is competing with lots of other units with front loaders, you might want to get one--front loading washers are becoming sort of a status symbol.

If, on the other hand, people viewing your unit are going, "Oh, hey, look! There's a washer and dryer right here! We won't have to go to the laundramat!" then you are probably fine with a top loader side by side with the dryer.

If you are working through a rental agency, you might be able to get a feel for the market through them.

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Coming back again to say that not everyone knows that front loaders need the special HE detergents. Not everyone knows all the ins and outs of front loaders-many need to have the door left open to prevent a musty smell in them, you use less detergent, you can't open the door mid-cycle, etc.

You can always leave the instruction manual in the apartment, but it might disappear after the first tenant.

It might make sense for you as a landlord to put in a top-loader. Nearly everyone knows how to use them and there's less chance of someone causing a problem because they don't realize what the differences are.

As an owner, you might want a front loader. But as a landlord, a top loader might make more sense.

The last time I bought a washer, I was on a limited budget. I could either buy a pretty good top loader from a reputable brand or a very, very basic front loader from a company I'd never heard of, for the same amount of money. I went with the top loader because I thought it was better made and had more features than the bottom-of-the-barrel front loader. So there's that to think about, as well.

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Thanks everyone!!

Well due to size limitations--had to go with a TOP loader!! The new front loading machine are a bit longer than my broken down one!! So a top loader it is!! Thanks all

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