Debbi BrankaJanuary 2, 2014

Considering a juicer (not for kale; mostly for OJ). I actually LIKE pulp, but of course I don't want a whole glass of it. We used one in Italy that was amazing. Drop the orange in it and watch it cut it and squeeze it all inside a clear container. It was very neat, but about industrial sized. What do you have and love, and what should I stay away from? I'm ok with $2-300, but not spending $500 and above. Thanks!

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I saw a recent test/review of juicers. The best of the lot was made by Breville in Australia. Usually available at Bed Bath and Beyond, where we often get mailed coupons for 20% off. I'm not sure of the price. I can tell you that everything I have made by them is built strong. Much better than Kitchenaid or Cuisenart.

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I have the breville citrus juicer and LOVE it. Unfortunately the 20%BBB coupon doesn't work on breville, and they don't usually go on sale. We bought ours on amazon -I think for about $200

We have orange trees, so use the heck out of the juicer. For about six months, we juice daily. It's super easy and to top it off, I think it's pretty too

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It's not an "appliance"; it's a juicer. See link below.

Here is a link that might be useful: It just works

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Sometime back I purchased a Jack Lalane from Costco. Very happy.
About $80.

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You're able to efficiently juice oranges with a Jack LaLane?

Back yo the OP's question, I too am curious about what choices are there for a good OJ maker in the 200-300 range that will last decades. The Breville linked above seems to be weak, with all-plastic gearing (lame) in a SS shell, so it likely won't last.

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I have a Breville. I'm not crazy about it. It leaks occasionally and the filter is a hassle to clean.

Now that I have my Blendtec with has earned dedicated counter space, I use the whole juice function on it rather than pulling out the Breville juicer. So, what I would suggest is maybe considering a Vitamix or Blendtec if you aren't going to be a heavy juicer. You will be able to use it for more functions.

Both the Blendtec and the Breville are fairly pulpy, fwiw. The Blendtec is slightly more so.

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How does a blend tech do citrus? Sreedesq, do you have the breville citrus juicer or regular juicer?

I make smoothies in my vitamix, but can't imagine how I would make OJ or actually extract juice from a carrot. I think the op needs to decide if they want an extraction juicer or citrus juicer. For the citrus juicer, I love the breville. I have never liked extraction juicers - we used to have a big powerful one, which was a mess.

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Hi Kailua,
I have a Breville Juice Fountain, not the citrus juicer. I slice the peel off of the citrus prior to putting it in the Blendtec and it works really well. I've done both Grapefruit and Orange that way using the "whole juice" setting.

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Debbi Branka

Thanks for the opinions everyone. Kailua, how does that citrus juicer not make a mess on the counter (or does it)? With nothing covering the top, it seems it would be messy.

Sreed, I do not want to peel at all. In reality I don't even want to cut in half. The (only) one I used in Italy, you just dropped in the entire orange. I don't know that I can find that in smaller than industrial size, but I would love it.

I was pretty much set on a Breville, but the comment above about the plastic gears is scaring me. Even $2-300 is a lot if the gears are going to break quickly.

I got a new Williams Sonoma catalog yesterday, and it is full of juicers. From the pictures, the Breville Juice Fountain was what I think I would have chosen, but it doesn't explain in the description that you have to peel and slice the oranges first. I don't want to do that!

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The breville with the plastic gears is the extraction juicer - not what I'm showing above. Most of what is being discussed in the posts, are extraction juicers - so I don't think it's what you are talking about. You are looking for a citrus juicer. Only the super expensive (like you're talking about) do both well (without peeling).

We are not particularly tidy in the kitchen, and I have never noticed the breville making a mess. That only happens when someone removes their juice glass and forgets to lock the spout into the no drip position.

I can't say enough how much we love our breville. We actually bring it with us when we go to the country for the weekend (where we grow our oranges). I was super grumpy last weekend because I forgot it. It takes about one minute to make a glass of juice.

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Debbi Branka

Thanks so much Kailua for the photo and explaining. You convinced me that your juicer is what I needed. I bought it on Monday (we just got a Williams Sonoma outlet!) so it was still $199 (store price), but 20% off that, so I got it for $160. I used it Tuesday night, Wednesday morning and Wednesday night. I LOVE it! It's not messy at all and makes awesome juice. I got 2 cups of juice from 3 oranges. My son as a Cuisinart extraction juicer and said that was way more juice than he gets. Excited!

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I use LifeSpring slow juicer, the best vertical cold press juicer ive had, easy to clean and juices more leaving the pulp so dry.

This is my third juicer actually and the first two was a bit cheaper and was easily broken but this one is worth it, i invested in juicer cause i am hooked lately in juicing for weight loss and healthier living too

Here is a link that might be useful: slow juicer (Lifespring)

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Debbi Branka

Thanks Star! It's been 3 months with the Breville and I still love it. I actually took it out of town to my mom's this past weekend so they could enjoy it too. I am constantly buying oranges now :)

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Nice one you're enjoying juicing! if you're having oranges now, you can still use the pulp in making breads or muffins as extender so no waste at all, enjoying the juice and pulp as well :)

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