Anyone pay to have cracks repaired?

gingerk99June 8, 2006

I just had someone come out to give an estimate. We have three cracks, they are roughly 3-4 ft in length. Only got water this past year after a big rain, none before that. We want to finish the basement so need to get this done. The estimate the guy gave me was $850 for all three cracks, lifetime guarantee. Is that a good price or high? I know there are kits to do it yourself and I'm wondering if we should try that option.

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Don't know about the price, but we found out later that our guarantee covered the precise cracks that were repaired, not counting ones that appeared in the same general area, even right next to the repaired cracks.

Our cracks were "repaired", which meant "sealed with injected polyurethane". They drill some holes, and insert injection ports into which the polyurethane is injected. Last, they cap off the ports.

Anyhow, our job seems to be working well (after one call-back).

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All of the exact same materials the pros use to repair cracks in concrete foundation walls can be found in a local lumber yard/home improvement store for the do-it-yourselfer. If anyone has the skills necessary to complete the remodel on their own, they are more than qualified to fix the cracks and save alot of cash.

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WARNING!!! The injection method will not last! I had 2 spots done over 3 times! They last about 6-12 months and then start leaking again. I finally called another company that broke the concrete floor under the crack and placed a membrane that covered the crack and ran under the floor, now the water is contained withing the membrane and drains under the floor.

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