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hairmetal4everJune 13, 2011

Fishing for ideas for finishing a basement.

1. Egress windows for a bedroom - it appears that it's "code" to require an egress window in a basement bedroom. Without a "walkout" or "daylight" basement, does anyone have ideas on how to make this a bit more attractive than the plastic half-circle that you usually see around the dug-out area?

2. Ceilings - acoustic or drywall? I realize drywall looks MUCH better, but then anytime you need to repair plumbing, electrical, cable,'s a pain. Any suggestions?

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1) I surmise by the "plastic, half-circle" to which you refer you are meaning a window well. The ones I see are generally galvanized steel and corrugated. I painted mine white on the inside to reflect better light. I've seen some actually built of stone which are really attractive.

2) Personally I like drywall because it just makes the space seem more like part of the house. Drywall can be easily repaired. Consider access panels for locations that you might need to open like heating dampers. Building code requires that all electrical junction boxes be accessible. When finishing our basement I installed 2x4's flat over the joists in order to bridge existing electrical/plumbing. This provides space to fish future cable. I also installed some vacant conduit to accommodate future electrical needs.

The most useful suggestion I can offer is to draw a plan to scale. Place masking tape on the floor to imagine spaces. Consider lighting, plumbing, heating and features. Whether you are DIY'ing or obtaining a professional quote, a plan will assure you get what you want.

I'm attaching a photo gallery of our basement. It was DIY'ed. Some of the photos have explanatory information below the picture. Good luck.

Here is a link that might be useful: Basement

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I also had the idea of putting PVC pipe along the length of a few of the studs as a "futureproof" way to fish extra wires and cables across the room as needed, with access boxes at strategic locations if I need to get in there to shoot something up to the main floor.

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A chaseway is a good idea. I would suggest separate ones for electrical vs. cable. High probability of electrical interferrence if they are too close to one another.

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