Management offering upgrades ONLY to new tenants

gtaylor1October 13, 2007

I have lived in my apartment for 4 years. The complex was recently bought out by a new management company. About a month ago, they began advertising here on the property, as well as on their website, that their apartments are being upgraded with brand new appliances (replacing 20 year old ones), wood floors (replacing dingy carpet), and granite countertops (replacing laminate). They don't say, "in select units." So I was pretty excited! I stopped by the office to find out when they would start installing all of this and I was notified that they are only providing this for new tenants and upgrading each apartment as it becomes vacant. And when I checked the website, I noticed that they have lowered the rent for the new tenants even WITH all of these upgrades. I am not as frustrated with that as I am with the fact that they are advertising all of this and not even offering it to their longterm tenants. Isn't this false advertising? Is there anything we can do as current tenants? I would really like those amenities!! I have written a letter to the management company asking about this, as well as left two messages, but it has been two weeks and nobody has gotten back to me. Any thoughts?

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Why did you post in two places?

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no it's not false advertising. When your current agreement with them runs out, you could ask for it, and move if you don't like the deal they give you.

Haven't you ever purchased something, and then found out three months later that it went on sale?

Some stores will let you bring the receipt back and will give you the price difference, if the time frame is close enough (usu. a couple of weeks or a month)

If you haven't used the item, you could return it (using the receipt, of course) and buy it all over again at the new price. That's not applicable to a lease, though.

It sure doesn't feel fair, but it actually is.

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1) "Isn't this false advertising?"

No, they were advertising for new tenants obviously. If you bought a car and two years later saw an ad for the same model car with new features, do you expect the dealer to upgrade your car for free? Of course not.

2) "Is there anything we can do as current tenants?"

Ask for it, and if they say no then move out at the end of your lease.

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This is no different than the cell phone companies offering high tech phones for free to new customers, but if you break yours and need a new one, it will cost you $400.

Also, take a look at Verizon's new FIOS service, they are giving a great service deal and a 19" LCD TV for new customers. They are trying to get the new customers, they don't care about the current ones- just like at your apt.

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I seriously doubt this is an issue of not caring about current tenants.

I would be more inclined to think this is a matter of convenience. It is far and away easier to upgrade/remodel an empty unit than it is one that is occupied.

When a lease is signed it's for the unit in it's current, "as is" condition. There is no obligation to perform future upgrades during the contract term just because other (vacant) units are being upgraded.

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Also, it's easier for them to work on an apartment that is unoccupied. If something of yours gets damaged, then there's the possibility that you may sue. Maybe YOU won't, but a lot of people are quick to sue over things that really are just accidents.

Some tenants would complain about things such as noise, contractors being in the unit, plaster dust, etc. Some would even request that the manager bring in a cleaning crew to dust and clean the whole unit when the project is finished.

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