basement insulation - kraft or no kraft?

homeboundJune 19, 2007

I've been through all the posts on basement insulation options. Simple question:

To leave the kraft facing on the batts or remove it before the drywall?


location: humid northern Va

mostly below grade

3/4" R-4 solid extruded foam is glued to the foundation wall

2x4 stud cavity

kraft-faced now installed (kraft toward finished side)


(BTW, think the dens armor mold resistant drywall is a good idea or overkill in general? I used it once on another job and that stuff can scratch you up pretty good with it's fiberglass facing. I use my knee to lift drywall sheets, and after a day I has a 2" diameter open brush wound on my knee. Arms were itching like heck, too.)

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According to Building Science Corp., as long as you have the foam on the foundation wall, it doesn't make much difference if you leave poly on or not. Kraft-faced is more permeable than poly. So I would leave it and just be sure that basement humidity doesn't exceed 50%.

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That's logical and reassuring. Now I can leave it on without worrying about trapping moisture. Thanks very much.

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Using the Kraft over my 1.5" XPS in a stud wall gives me something to more easily keep the insulation from falling. Can one stapple to the inside of the stud so the outside vertical edge of the stud is available for liquid nails...want to add some beding the drywall. Does sit affect the R Value?

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It will affect the "Arrrrgh! Value" for anyone that has to make some repairs or changes down the road. No reason for liquid nail behind there - stick with the drywall screws.

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Ha! I had heard it (l n) prevents nail / screw pops)pops...better be no trouble back there after all this! Noted though, will use as meant to be used.

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