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laura1202June 20, 2006

We had our final walk though with our builder last week and everything loooks pretty good. Of course there are some things that need to be repaired/replaced but basically we were pleased. One thing that did not make me happy, though was the rough in for the wet bar in the basement. This is in a finished area and the pipes are just sticking out of the wall. No....I don't think so. We won't be putting in a wet bar (or whatever) any time soon, so I can't have this looking like this until we do. If it was in an unfinished area, it wouldn't matter....but it's not. What can I have them do to make this look better (besides repaint around the pipes, that's a given) some type of cover, build a box over it or ?? They said the pipes could not be cut down any more.

Thanks for any suggestions/advice.

P.S. I cross posted this in the Building a Home forum.

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That's actually a good looking rough-in.
You do not want them to cut the pipe any shorter or even flush with the finished surfaces because that would involve re-working the dry wall when it's time.

I'll say just paint around it and maybe put a planter or two in the meantime.

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