Basement Renovation planning: Help!

navi_jenJune 16, 2010


I purchased an 1918 farmhouse in Boston suburbs last fall. Its got a sloping lot, so the back half of the unfinished basement is walk out. It's a small house (1.75 stories, 2 beds, 1 bath, 1000 square feet) so somewhere down the line, I'd like to add a family room (and potentially a half or 3/4 bath) in the basement.

However, I need to replace the existing heating, electric, kitchen and bath before I get to the basement renovation. While I have all the walls open upstairs, there anything I should do NOW to faciliate this later build-out (particularly for the bath)?

For those who are plumbing inclined, I'm assuming I would need a sewage ejector, but not really sure how those work. Also, for some reason, even though I only have 1 kitchen and 1 bath, there are already 2 vent stacks that protrude up to the roof. Can I repurpose one of those for the sewage ejector? Existing waste stack is a mix of 4' cast iron & pvc...will be replacing all to 4' pvc. Also, sewer ladder unfortunately enters the basement approx 5 feet off the floor on the front side of the house.

Thanks in advance...


Here is a link that might be useful:

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What a charming house! I love your antique kitchen lights.

Sorry, but I can't answer your questions. However, I'm wondering if you really need to have a hallway beside the stairs.

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the ejector pump will simply sit down into a sump pit, and turn on and off as needed, pumping the "contents" vertically to where the ejector line ties into the existing waste line and then flows along with everything else via gravity. note, if you already have a sump pump and pit, you can just swap in an ejector pump and remove the 1 1/2" sump drain line and replace with a 2" pipe. regarding the existing vent line, you'll need to confirm proper function, and yes you do need to have a vent line out of the sump pit, so if the vent is OK, I don't see why you couldn't utilize it

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