Waste sump for basement toilet question

oceanman22June 8, 2013

We recently moved into a house that has a finished basement with bath. My question is this:

When I flush the basement toilet, the sump pump in the sealed basin will run for about 5 seconds and then shut off. It seems to me that there should be longer cycle time between flushes.
I am thinking that the float on the Zoeller pump is somehow not operating properly. Other than that, the system seems to work perfectly. No odors, leaks, etc.

The toilet is hardly used and in fact since we moved in, I have been flushing it daily with the hope of correcting the frequent flushing.

Any comments or suggestions would be appreciated. I have not yet got the nerve yet to open the basin. I am very familiar with ground water basement sumps, but a sewer sump to me is another level.

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the sump attached to your toilet probably has a sewer ejection pump rather than a sump pump. They are more powerful and designed to eject sewage (chunks and particles, to put it inelegantly) rather than just liquids. Your ejection pump may not have to run longer because 5 seconds does the job of pushing the stuff that was flushed into the sewer. If you don't have problems with the toilet flushing correctly, there is no smell, no leaking, then you probably don't have problems with the time it takes for the ejection pump to work. You could try to talk to a plumber who does this kind of work and just ask about it, or find a good plumbing forum and ask the question there. I suspect your worries are due to the fact that sump pumps run longer to empty than your new ejection pump does, and that is sort of comparing apples to oranges. best wishes

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