Tying new basement to existing

greenhouse2June 17, 2013

Hi all - we are finally removing the small rotting enclosed mudroom on the back of our 110 year old house and replacing it with a single story room which will run the back of the house (roughly 22x12). The exisitng mudroom is literally supported on cinder blocks. Because we need to dig a foundation for it, we decided that we could add usable (non-scary) space to our existing scary michigan basement by digging to the full basement depth rather than simple a crawl space depth. Has anyone ever tied two basement rooms together and what has the experience been like? I would like to hear the good the bad and the ugly. We are hoping to use this as a playroom for the kids as starting with a clean palette sounds like a dream compared to a renovation of the existing basement. We do not have any standing water issues but we do have some moisture in the existing basement (it leaches through the dryloc every few years.) thanks!

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We did just what you are considering with our 25x20 addition.

We have a standard 7' basement under the main house, but the new basement has 8' ceiling, which really helps it seem like a "real" room. The hardest part for the contractor was bringing in a concrete sawing company to cut open a 4 foot doorway from old to new.

One benefit from this is that we put a sump pit in the new basement, this has really helped off load some of the work from the original sump pump during heavy spring rains.

The only downside for us has been that we have a bit of a step down between the two basements where the foundation ledge is, but nothing traumatic.

The price difference between a crawlspace and full basement was not too bad- especially considering all the living space that we picked up.

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Benguin, thank you so much for the response. The porch and deck were removed this week. Excavators come Monday. We took your advice and opted for the 8' ceiling in the new basement room as well. Our existing is 7'. What was the age of the exisitng house? Was the foundation in great condition and did you have any actual problems with sawing through for the door opening? Thanks again.

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