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I bought this at a garage sale, thinking I could find a new needle online, as it's old. Turns out I can't find so much as a photo or mention of this particular machine! It's a GE, and it's called 'The Decorator' with a Garrand Manual Auto turntable. Besides some numbers on the back, these are the only labels. The people I bought it from didn't know anything about it, I don't even know how old it is! I thought 70's, maybe 50's at the earliest, but who knows. Anyone know of such a machine? My last resort will have to be contacting GE! I really want to be able to use this!

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I Googled it & included needle in it-Garrard Manual Auto Turntable-needle & 1st thing was co. that has needles for all models & makes from 1930's on. I think my 1960's stereo in LR has 1 as the original needed replacing, I just bought an extra diamond tipped when it was new as hard to find things later. Anyway they also have manuals & I think you can get some free online but not sure. Good Luck!

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Below are sone key dates to help you date your record players.

1906 - Flat platter disk introduced. 78 rpm in use but not standardized.

1928 - 78.26 rpm becomes standard.

1948 - 33 1/3 rpm LP

1949 - 45 rpm EP.

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Thanks so much you guys!

SunnyCA, how exactly did you phrase your google search? For some reason I'm not finding the same site :(

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"Garrard Manual Auto Turntable-needle" just like that. Are you spelling it right? It's Garrard! no "n" in it!!

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