10 foot ceilings in walk out basement

sotwellJune 4, 2008

We had our custom home built last year with a 2000 sqft unfinished basement. We are about to start the project to finish. We installed 10 foot walls expecting to have to drop the ceiling but the HVAC can run through the upper floor joists.

Does anyone have a 10 foot tall walk out basement? How does it look?

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Most of the ceiling in my basement is 9'. I have soffits around the perimeter of the main room for the hvac/plumbing. I think it looks great. The high ceiling changes the feel of the rooms. It doesn't feel like a basement.

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Any drop ceiling basement, says, "this is a basement."
Install drywall on the ceiling if you do not want a basement look. Everyone tried to convince me that I needed access, wrong! After 15 years, I have had no reason to access my sheetrock ceiling. I measured where everything was located in case the need did arise.

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Does it look good?

It depends on the proportions and the window size and placement. Narrow high-ceilinged rooms with typical basement sliders at the very top can make you feel like you've fallen down a well.

On the other hand, a double glass door or larger walkout to a below-grade patio can open up the space to the outside in an inviting way.

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