Slow build basement

apdnjJune 9, 2013

Has anyone started a basement finishing project over say a 3-5 year plan, a sort of a few things per year as money becomes available?

How does this work with permits, does the municipality make you finish it to tax you within a year or so?

I would like to hire different contractors for specific work, is this ok rather than one contractor for entire project?

Any basement designers you can recommend in south or central NJ that can come up with a custom design without committing to the entire work to completion. I want a fantastic one of a kind design but would like to do it in stages as finances allow.

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Different jurisdictions have different policies. You'll want to check with whoever issues permits in your area and be prepared with drawings of the proposed project, especially any demolition or structural aspects.
You may only need to have the electrician get a permit for his/her work and the plumber another, though if you are adding one or more bedrooms, it can be decidedly more involved.

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I don't believe many municipalities are going to issue multi-year permits for something like a basement, although as Randy suggested you may be able to break it into the various stages.

Talk to your build code folks and see what they have to say.

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