Can anyone identify these??

Bon22April 28, 2012

I am interested in selling this pair of candelabras, and I cannot seem to find info on them.

I have gotten as far as 'antique bronze empire period french candelabras' but I cannot find a pic of them anywhere (found some similar, but not these).

I was hoping someone might have info, or can help me find info on this pair.!/photo.php?fbid=3866649633087&set=a.3649041353016.2169646.1483928967&type=1&theater

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Better pictures would help: better lighting, in focus and some closeups of the ladies.

Examine them carefully in good light, with a magnifying glass, for any marks and numbers.

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Chances of finding a picture of those same candelabra is slim to none!
There are lots and lots of figural candelabra both French and Italian....and likely Spanish and Portueguese as well.
Where did you get them.....any way to trace the provenance back?
See what you see here:

Here is a link that might be useful: The candelabra

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lazygardens.. thanks, I will post some better pics. I have gone over them a few times.. no markings :(

Lindac... thanks. I got them from my Mom's Aunt just before she passed. I know they are worth some money, but I don't want to under (or over) price them.

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Anyone in the family have any idea where they came from?
You should be looking at some big bills!!!

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