could this be an antique kerosene lamp

cazzsa011April 13, 2014

Hi , have aquired this today. Im not sure if its antique
Any information appreciated ..i am in newzealand

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It looks like a kerosene lamp; I can't tell for sure, but you can. Lift the chimney and look at the details. A kerosene lamp will have a wick, a knob of raising and lowering the wick, vent holes in the bottom side of the metal parts, and a flame slot. There should be screw-on cap for filling the fuel bowl; If not, the lamp is re-fueled by taking off the top assembly.

A lamp designed for lighting usually had a flat wick (makes a wider flame). If the wick is round, it is probably a decorative lamp or intended to burn perfumed fuel.

Its a very pretty lamp.

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Not an antique

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Thankyou very much for your feedback

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