rain water diversion

gwa17June 23, 2008

we have 4ft over hangs on our house and would like to divert rain water away from our basement walls. I saw a TOH segment with a plastic trough that they put in the ground under the drip line. It was about 10 inches deep, a foot wide and came in 12ft lengths. They buried it and filled it with stone. It was made of a plastic material and it diverted the rain water away from the house to lower ground. It would be perfect for my application. I can't find it anywhere. Does anyone know the name of this or a similar product? Thanks

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I haven't seen a trough product that wide, but this product is what I'd use:


Dig a trench, line it with a geotextile fabric (they make a sleeve product as well to replace the fabric), add some stone, put the pipe in, more stone, wrap the fabric over the top, cover with dirt. Slop the trench and pipe away from the house to a low area and then install one of these at the end of the run:

http://www.doityourself.com/invt/u252863 (at one time, I saw them at Lowe's, but I don't see them now)

Don't be afraid to rent a trencher if you're putting in a lot of this.

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thanks for the info.A few years ago I dug the trench,by hand and with a backhoe.. put in landscape cloth. I then put in 2inches of gravel , the pipe you suggested with perforations and then covered it with gravel. the pipe came with a cloth sock that stops sand etc from getting in. I works some, but when water really pours off the roof, the trench gets water logged and water begins to soak into the adjacent ground. Then it finally works its way into the cellar. The trough I saw on TOH wouldn't allow any water to seep into the ground..but I can't locate it...

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How about getting some large drainage pipe (like the stuff that is maybe 2 foot in diameter for running under driveways or roads, then cut it in half and bury that?

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Do you have gutters on the roof? If so, are the downspouts directing water at least eight feet away from the house? Is the ground sloped away from the house? This should all be done before you start putting in trenches! If you do the preceding and still have problems, then you should call a professional. My guess is that the recommendation will be to dig down to the foundation of the house, waterproof the house on the outside, and then add the French drain (preferably with a sump pump), to prevent further water intrusion. This is in addition to having gutters, downspouts and correct grading. Try those first; it will be less expensive than waterproofing.

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