Radon Exposure Limits

wooknJune 6, 2006

7 years ago I measured the radon levels in my basement with a diy kit from HD. The readings came back at 2.5, well under the EPA exposure limit of 4.0. I just re did the test and it came back at 4.1. Does anybody have experience with radon problems. Should I abate this? Any advice would be appreciated.

Thanks, JS

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at 4.1, i'd likely not do anything..I just had my home checked, cannisters were in place for 2 days, readings came back at 5..I am going to do a longer term test, as 2-3 days are not a very good sample..Radon levels viewed as acceptable vary greatly country to country..Canada, if i recall has a level of 20,and Europe uses a much higher level

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True, but Europe not exactly the paragon of health. For example, we know secondhand smoke is a killer, but most placed in Europe have few if any rules limiting indoor smoking in public places.

Many radon guys will tell you radon is lethal. Guys who install sump pumps will tell you it's no big deal. Both will say in many cases that one is not compatible with the other. Enough to make one's head spin.

The truth is, nobody's sure. Probably not the greatest thing to be exposed to, though.

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We are building and are putting in a french drain just in case we have radon issues which are common around here. Here's a link from the National Safety Council; Radon has been linked as the 2nd highest cause of lung cancer. Your radon is not super high, but it would probably be a good idea to run a long term test since radon can vary seasonally quite a bit. Also, houses are usually more closed up during the winter than summer.

Here is a link that might be useful: radon info

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