Will it ever get better?

brooke27October 11, 2006

I moved into a first floor apartment about 6 months ago and I am still not able to tune out the noise from upstairs. I've spoken to them on more than one occasion but I don't think that much can be done. Both apartment are hard wood floors and the walls seem to be paper thin... I've seen many posts on here with a similiar situation of hearing stomping, banging, running, everything basically from the upstairs neighbors. Does anyone ever get used to it? I'm hoping I will eventually adjust and be able to tune it out but it doesnt seem to be happening and I feel like I'm going crazy from it. Any advice on how to help this situation? or atleast make it more tolerable for the rest of my lease?

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I'm on the other side of the fence, being the upstairs neighbor with badly insulated floors (though carpeted wall-to-wall). I did live in a downstairs apt. once, years ago, and would hear my neighbor whenever she walked around. I was able to pretty much tune it out by either keeping a fan for 'white noise' on or the radio or TV. If everything is turned off you can pretty much hear every peep but these things seemed to help drown it out. Good luck!

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I feel your pain, I once lived in an apartment with loud upstairs neighbours. I wasn't there long because I took another job in a different city. But I don't know what I would have done long term.

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Can someone on here honestly say that they can tolerate living on the first floor with all the noises from above?

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At this point I would LOVE to have a first floor apartment, because at least then I can make all the noise I want. As it is, in a 6-story building such as the one I live in, on floors 2,3,4, and 5 you have to both listen to your upstairs neighbors AND be concerned about the noise you are causing to the person below (and deal with their complaints if they are the complaining type).

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I live on the 2nd floor, and I can tolerate all the noises above. Of course, my neighbors are simply ordinary, considerate people. And I think they keep their TV really low.

But I know where seneca's coming from--when you're sandwiched in the middle, you have 2 points of view to worry about.

In fact, having upstairs neighbors keeps me "humble."

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I've lived in a "sandwich" situation before, don't get me wrong that was pretty bad... but I feel like I have invisible roommates and constant noise from upstairs. How can you come home and relax when your walls and ceilings are contantly vibrating? The occasionally walk across the floor is not what upsets me, it's the fact that it seems like it's all the time when I'm there, and it's pretty loud. How do you tune that out?

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How much longer do you have on your lease? Have you've complain to the landlord? In my last situation, I only lasted there about "6" months tops. I couldnt take the noise level and pretty much cost me heavy on my pocket to rent, change locks, movers, real estate etc. The people who live above was running a Holiday Inn. Three or 4 people living in a one bedroom apartment. They didnt seem to think that blasting music and throwing dumb bells on wood floors wouldnt bother anyone especially us who lived downstairs. People who didnt belong there in the first place! Some would say that I have a right to complain others would say I'll should just get use to it well I say HELL NO! My rent wasnt cheap, so you know what I did I would call my landlord which probably lived in the nice quite suburb, constantly. Everytime my neighbor made noise music, dumbbells, etc I would call. I guess she was BOTHER by my late night phone RINGING (which is normal noise)after a while she told me I was allowed to break my lease.
So here I am in my new lovely apartment. Thank God! I mean I still hear my new neighbor who live next door to me and I state my landlord wants her to MOVE hmmmm WHY? I was told she is very NOISY and has people in and out of her apartment. My apartment is on the top floor. First time I stood there I could hear the elderly man downstair play his tv, it wasnt loud but I could still hear it even after we paid for rug installation but you know what as soon as we moved in I didnt hear it anymore and when I play my tv I dont play it loud either cause I know if I can hear him he can hear me. So thats where CONSIDERATION comes into play. I'm up late at night sometimes, I DONT walk back and forth all hours of the night. I could if I wanted to. What the hell ? No one lives above me but I DONT because I know what its like to live underneath ANIMALS and maybe just maybe my neighbors downstair might be trying to SLEEP! He must be very happy he finally has quite and condsiderate neighbors living above him and just me writing this when I come into contact with him I am going to asks if we are making too much noise. He'll probadly get a good laugh! Before I rented here I made sure to asks lots of questions about noise. I wanted to make sure I didnt get myself into the situation I was in before. I am finally happy, I still hear noise but mostly from the neighbor next door but it isnt constatly and pretty much very quite at night. Noise from the streets, baby, crying car alrams, fire trucks etc etc. I think we all can live with that.
So my advice to you if you want some peace. Try and stay out of your home as much as possible until your lease is up. Try to talk to your landlord. If you can break your lease try to find a new place with good neighbors, make sure to go back and talk wiht one of the living resident and question them on the noise level. I hope you find some peace fast. If youve alreay complain to your neighbors upstair and the issue wasnt reslove. Your only miracle is to move, sad but true.
I would write more but I have to go......

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I appreciate your response... I have 6 months left on the lease but I don't even think I can tolerate it that much longer... I have complained on 3 occasions but the people who live above me are the landlords... tricky situation. Anyway, I definitely have to leave but I hope it doesnt become an issue with the lease. I mean I would hope that decent people would let you go hearing how miserable you are. And about the amount of people living upstairs... It's funny, cause when I was looking at the apt that was one of my key questions (running kids etc) but it seemed to be fine. About a month or 2 after I move it, it seems others did too...

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Any chance the landlord might let you move to a top floor unit? They are usually a little more expensive (here at least) but well worth it in my opinion.

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Has anyone ever broken a lease due to the noise?? any advice on how I should handle this? I cannot make it to the end of the lease...

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Brooke, go to goggle on search write in how to break a lease.... click on ApartmentRating- the blog. Tons of information there. Are you living in a 1 bedroom or two. Record down how many people are there. Go to your local department and asks question. I even called the police and kept the case number just in case I had to go to court, they never came. I dont blame them it is N.Y.C with more serious issues. It wouldnt stop me from calling again so if you have to call - Keep CALLING! Show them you mean business. Did you asks if you could break your lease? What was the response? Go to your doctor and maybe he/she can subcribe you something for your stress show this to the landlord inform him/she that the situation is effecting your health and performance at work; that you might have to take him to court for your suffering. Oh, you can also write a letter to the landlord stating that you would like to change apartments that the noise level above your head is way passed normal house living, make a copy, date it etc. It will also show that you are willing to work with him/her to slove the problem. Hope I could help you.

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Just a question to other apartment dwellers... I understand that living with others means you will hear noises and things like that, but is it normal apartment living to ALWAYS hear your neighbors. I've never experienced this before and I'm not sure if it's me or them. I can't call the police because 1-they are my Landlords, and 2- they arent being "rowdy" they just NEVER stop walking, and banging, and Stomping, and I dont even know what....

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we now live in a new apt on the top floor. so no more hearing the guys upstaris (like in our old apartment). but do hear the 2 neighbors on bedroom & living room walls.

brooke27: here's my opinion, YES, i think you will always hear noise coming from the walls of your neighbors. that's just what it is like, living in an apt building. i've lived in at least 8 or 9 city apartments in the last 12 years of my life, so i speak from expeirence on this. it's just what are YOU willing to tolerate. the last apt before the this one we are currently in, i suffered from severe depression bc of the noise, lack of light, and tight living space. it got REALLY bad for me. i had anxiety attacks - it effected me that much.

bc of many things, money be #1, my DH & i stayed in that place for 7 years. it really did do some damage to me though.

rugs, white noise machines, music, TV, tapestries on the walls - all these can help w/ the noise. wish i had another answer for you. good luck.

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brooke i suggest to look for a cheap rental house, if possible...otherwise no it will not get better, and if its a house to apartment person or ppl types above, those kind are the worst!

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