really good earl plugs??

vacuumfreakOctober 25, 2006

Hi there. I am just wondering if anyone knows of a really good brand of ear plugs that will block out virtually all noise... or the most possible. I would need to be able to hear the smoke detector or alarm clock, but nothing else. My upstairs neighbors are just living, but the apartments aren't insulated very well, so I can hear a lot of noise from above. And, many times in the middle of the night, when I am trying to sleep, IDIOTS that think everyone in the world enjoys their terrible and loud "music" must go tearing down the highway at 3 AM. I've bought the wax ear plugs, and the foam ones. Disappointed with both. Is there a "really good" brand that you would recommend? How many decibles is max for ear plugs? I looked into the noice cancelation head phones from Sharper Image, but decided against them. Not only are they VERY expensive, you can's sleep in them because they are "muff" types that go outside the ears, and you can STILL hear outside noise... no thanks for $250.00! Thank you for any help!

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Try Xanax. You will be glad you did.

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Well, Sally you will be glad to know that I bought some Xanax pills, and put them in my ears. Unfortunately, I could still hear sounds through them. Then I had to go to the hospital and have the pills removed, because they became stuck. Maybe you haven't learned how to read yet, but my question was what kind of ear plugs to buy, not what kind of pills to pop. Maybe you should go back to first grade and learn to read, and then rejoin the forum. I thought someome actually had an answer to my question. In the future, if you can't contribute, you might try keeping your mouth shut. Now, if anyone has a real response, it would be welcomed!

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My only answer would be to check type in ear plugs. I hope you find what your looking for. Good Luck

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What kind of foam ear plugs did you try? These are the ones that I use, and they block out a good range of noise:

I've found they conform to the ear really well. Tip: squeeze the earplug till it's skinny, then lick your fingers slightly, and make the earplug very slightly wet before sliding in, and they'll conform even better as they expand. Sounds kind of gross, but it works.

The highest decibal max I've seen for earplugs is 33, I think? The ones I've linked to above are 32. I've tried some 33's, but the problem I always have is comfort, and fit issues. I have a small ear canal -- the ones I've linked to are very comfortable, and they block a good amount of noise. These combined with a good white noise machine (we have a loud fan going in the background) block out just about everything. I'm the world's lightest sleeper, and these are what I've been using for the past 3 or 4 years now ;)

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Wow, you ripped into Sally.

Unless you find a smoke detector or alarm clock that pushes on you and tells you to wake up you are out of luck.

Until you can afford to move to the country you have to make a choice. Plug your ears and not need the fire alarm or the alarm clock. Or learn to sleep through people driving by in loud cars.

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Vacuumfreak, YOU SUCK. I guess thats why you are called vacuumfreak. My attempt at humor failed you. That's YOUR problem. If I were you, I would forget the ear plugs and take the chill pills. It is evident from your hostility that you are in need of some sort of benzo in order to ward off any heart attack that is brought on by stress. You should of just laughed at my joke. If you find those ear plugs, I suggest that you put them where the sun doesn't shine, not your ears.

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Sally, my friend! Your maturity (or lack thereof) is certainly showing. You obviously haven't found the first grade yet. Keep trying! Thanks to everyone who gave a real response.

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Here's an interesting review of ear plugs:

Here is a link that might be useful: ear plugs

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Vacumefreak, Did you really put pills in your ears?

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I do not know the brand, as the ones I buy are unlabled. BUT, I can tell you the best place to shop for ear plugs - a gun shop.

I buy mine at an indoor shooting range AND they are waaaay cheaper than those crappy ones that Walgreens sells.

Ear plugs are not smart enough to filter out desireable sounds from undesireable sounds so I would suggest doing what I did, and that is to purchase a flashing strobe light alarm clock.

You can search for them at sites that cater to the deaf and hard of hearing. They also sell alarm clocks that have a cord that you attach to your wrist and it vibtates you awake. There are also vibrating alarm clocks that are placed under your pillow.

I don't tink there is anything you could do about your smoke detector other than having your premises monitored by an alarm service, which is rather expensive and your landlord probably won't allow the installation of the fire monitoring equipment as it requires wiring the system in.

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You should try custom-fitted earplugs. Just use the google and you'll see lots of places that'll send you a kit to make a mold, then you send in the mold and they make your plugs.

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