Help! Am I a Noisy Neighbor?

amymichelleOctober 6, 2006

I just moved in to an apartment loft in downtown San Diego. The floors are wood tile and I have a treadmill. I use the treadmill for 30 minutes everyday between the hours of 5pm to 7pm. My neighbor below me states that it does not bother her at all and that it is just the normal noise that people in apartments deal with but that she doesn't really hear anything. I checked with her after my neighbor next to me complained that it makes the floor shake and so therefore I either stop or move out. He stated that I am just a renter and he owns so he has more rights than I and that he will contact the owner of my place if I continue to use my treadmill. I moved it over and I also purchased a floor mat but he is still stating it bothers him and I have to stop. That is the only time I shake the floor and I try to do it at an appropriate hour. There is nothing in my lease that states I cannot own a treadmill. Do I have to move and am I breaking any laws or ordinances? I appreciate any feedback. I have only been there for 5 days and would hate to have to move out. The guy is home all day long. He states that is his only time to watch TV and I ruin it for him. I work all day from 7am to 4/5ish and just want to be able to have 30 minutes after work to run. Help!!

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I really doubt you are breaking any laws/ lease/ policies. As a landlord I think I may add no treadmills on 2nd floor apartments :)

He doesn't have any more rights than your landlord. They both are owners.... and your landlord won't be able to ask you to leave due to a treadmill. I'd try to be nice to him and tell him you bought a mat hoping to reduce the vibrations.

Good luck!

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Thank you for the message. Thinking that the 2nd floor isn't an issue to the girl below me so maybe it should be "NO treadmills next door to grumpy guys" :):):) I really don't want to cause problems, I just want to work out. I am normally a pretty quiet person. Thanks again!

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Before I moved into my apt. I asked about treadmills. There isn't anything in the lease saying they aren't allowed, but I was concerned about noise as I've read here that they really bother some people (not so much the noise, but the vibration). The lady at my complex strongly urged not to bring in the treadmill and I decided to sell it. With small kids I feel I already have enough to deal with trying to keep my noise down.

That said, I am putting myself in your neighbor's position, and my feeling is that you are being considerate in the time of day & duration that you use your treadmill. I think it is more than acceptable. Right now I can hear my next door neighbor's TV as well as the one from the neighbor below me. Does it bother me? Not really~ I can tune it out and I realize living in an apt. that you will hear your neighbors from time to time. I think you doing your walking/running for 30 mins. a day is reasonable. Good luck & I hope the neighbor chills out!

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Is there any chance you might consider an elliptical machine to replace your treadmill? The problem with a treadmill is that it's higher impact, so every time your foot hits the machine it shakes the floor. You might as well be running on the floor. With an elliptical the movement is different, and there's no impact to shake the floor.

In our apartment the floors are pretty soft. It's a single story apartment, so we don't have to worry about anyone above or below us, but when hubby walks by the sofa, I can feel the sofa shift with his weight (and he's not a huge guy either). We have a front loading washing machine, and when it hits the spin cycle the whole apartment shakes. My husband had to take down some knick-knack shelves in the computer room cuz the stuff would fall down when we did the laundry. And this is in a modular building. The laundry room and bedroom are in one module, the computer room and kitchen in the middle module, and the living room and my office area (formerly the dining area) are in the third module....yet I can feel a pretty strong vibration from the washing machine all the way out in the living room.

However, I can't feel the elliptical machine unless I'm standing right next to it. It's deffinitely a different movement than an elliptical, but it's not too hard to get used to, you get just as good a workout IMO, and it's much easier on your knees, back, and neighbors.

Just an idea.

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