Bathroom/Laundry Room Combo??

khuangMay 25, 2008

Would appreciate some outside opinions!

We want to add a 3/4 bath to our finished basement. It will be built in part of the unfinished laundry room, which is a space about 8x14 ft. Though we're not too keen on having the laundry in the bathroom, if we add a separate bath entrance, we would end up with 2 doors on one wall, which would make furniture placement in the living area really difficult! Since we expect to sell this house in about 5 years or so, we want to make sure others will appreciate the choices we make now. So...

We came up with an initial design to prevent cutting another door. You would have to walk through the laundry area to get to the bath, but a wall with a pocket door would divide the 2 spaces. This would enable someone to go into the laundry room while someone else is taking a shower. (Since we do have guest space and a bedroom in the basement, this is a definite possibility.)

How do you feel about this plan? Would it be a turn off to have to go past the laundry area to get to the bath? Or do you think this is a preferable trade off to losing wall space??

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Since we are taking resale into consideration, I would finish the laundry area along with the bathroom. What else is in there; water heater, hvac, nothing(I hope)? If it's just a laundry, you have several possibilities. You could frame in the washer/dryer behind bifold doors. You could use folding screens to create a "hallway" to the bathroom door when you have guests. If it's finished space, you could just leave it as a laundry. It *is* in the basement. People will understand. ;^)

In my opinion, resale would be enhanced by staying in a finished space as opposed to going from finished-> unfinished-> finished.

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Thanks, beer geek!

We were planning on finishing it all, so that's not a worry. Thanks for the ideas, and for confirming that having laundry in a basement bathroom is not such a big deal. Just needed some outside confirmation! Think we'll still try to hide it or separate the areas somehow.

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