Exposed dirt and brick in basement pics

dawnbrnMay 12, 2008

Hi. We are looking to finish our basement and we have a small room off the basement that the previous owner dug out and exposed dirt and brick for some reason. We had to have a radon mitagator put in before we would buy. We have to settle for less of a home equity loan than I would have thought we needed. Please check out link and let me know if you have any idea what it might take to whip this into shape and what maybe we can do design wise to make it usable, safe and dry and also aesthetically pleasing. Any input is appreciated. Hope the link works and please excuse all the clutter as we use it for storage right now. Thanks!!!

Here is a link that might be useful: photobucket pics wet dirty area

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I think you should get a foundation specialist in to make sure the excavation by the previous homeowner didn't comprimise your foundation. You're a braver soul than me, buying a house where someone had dug out a space in the basement.

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We did have the house inspected before we bought and the foundation is sound. Believe me it was nearly a deal breaker. We passed on the house when we first saw it. We were just starting out and didn't have a lot of money. We were looking to rent a house/apt. But this house was the same $ as rent and has great potential. It is in my "dream" area. The school district is great and the homes here sell for a sickening amount of bucks. We actually made out like bandits.

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