KA Slide in Gas Range & Electrolux CD Frig

Tricia21January 2, 2013

Hi All,
After figuring out what we want in appliances, I think we've picked the models, but I just wanted to get any opinions out there bf we pull the trigger:

1) Oven - Kitchen Aid Architect II - KGSS907SS - Gas Slide In 30"- Originally we wanted to go freestanding b/c of the more bang for your buck, but I like the look of slide-ins as I don't want a back on the stove. (and we can't afford to pay the money for a wolf, etc). We like this b/c of the overall look (black under the grates, the warming drawer (i don't want storage), etc. The grates overlap onto the counter. Does anyone know if they get too hot and could hurt the counter? Pricing is AROUND $1800.

2) Electrolux CD French door Frig - EI23BC30KS (36 W) - we were bw this and the Kitchenaid Architect (kitchenaid was a lot less) but after seeing and touching both, we liked the Electrolux. It has 22.5 cubic feet and it just feels sturdier on the inside. Pricing is around $2100 to 2200.

Any opinions on these? Anything better. Our budget is about $4000 for both so we don't want to go any higher. Counter depth is a must for us and so is a 30" range.

Anything at all is appreciated!


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I have that same range that you are considering. It's been in use for over a year and I can say I have a love/hate relationship with it. I love the grates, and that they overlap. I hate taking them off to clean the black surface underneath. That surface is hard to keep clean, and you can see every speck. I hate that it only has one high-powered burner, and that it's in front. I love the oven and absolutely LOVE the warming drawer (probably my favorite part). I wouldn't say I wouldn't buy it again, and I have to admit that I haven't searched for a better way to get the top part clean, but it does a nice job for our family of 4, not an expert cook, but I do pretty well. It looks fabulous, and fits our lifestyle. I didn't have room for anything bigger, as much as I would have liked a 6 burner stove.

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Thanks five foot zero! I think our family is similar to yours. There are 4 of us in a galley kitchen in the city of Philly. Not expert cooks but we like it and my husband produces some delicious meals! I love the looks as well. Question: why do u hate that it only has one power burner? Is the other one not strong enough? If it makes you feel any better, my neighbor has a year old ge cafe range with stainless underneath the grates. He hates cleaning it! He loves the stove but says its a nightmare to keep clean so maybe it's a problem in all ranges. I'm excited for a warming drawer as well. The kids and I eat earlier than my hubby so this will come in handy. Lastly, do the grates near the side edge on the counter get too hot? I guess I'm asking if it will hurt the countertop. Thanks!

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The grates do not get hot at all by the counter...I have soapstone, so if they do, I don't notice it. They come off easily for cleaning, etc. Anything spilled on them I normally wipe as much as I can and then let the rest get "seasoned". I guess since the power burner in front is so nice to have (I replaced a 1970-esque Caloric gas range), I wish it had more. The others are adequate, but just seem to take longer to bring things to a boil. So I normally just get things to a boil on the power one and slide it over to a normal burner.

I have not tried anything else other than some Easy Off stove top cleaner and Lysol kitchen cleaner on the top. The big thing is I'm afraid of scratching it. I guess if it were stainless, that would be a worry as well. I haven't tried much else, and I might try the oven cleaner stuff for self-cleaning ovens.

Overall, I do love it. One annoying thing, but you will find this with any newer range, is the cooling fan. After the oven or burners are off, sometimes the cooling fan stays on a while after. Nobody told us about this, and it was annoying at first, but we're used to it now.

I had considered the GE Cafe double oven range, but didn't like the plastic knobs on it. These knobs are heavy and metal.

Good luck!

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And BTW, I have the Kitchenaid FD CD fridge and love love love it.

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Ha! We're replacing a 1970 Caloric range as well! It's a tanish yellow and the metal under on the top is corroding. I did like the kichenaid fridge, but the electrolux gives 3 more cubic ft even though they were very similar so we decided to go with that one as we have no other fridge.
thanks for your input...very helpful

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Hi All, We've also just purchased a KA range (same model) it was highly recommended by our contractor for a mid range. We're doing a complete remodel and finally getting rid our our Jennair downdraft. We bought the KA fridge with hesitation because of many negative reviews but again our contractor said it was the best for what we could afford and he even put it in writing that if we had any repair problems he would replace with a different brand of our choice. Will keep you udated.

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Hi cagiselle - our kitchenaid range and electrolux fridge were installed 2weeks ago and I really like them both. I agree with fivefootzero that the one thing I would change would be to add a power burner in the back bc I have small kids and like to boil water in the back.

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